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LPIA Workshops

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Workshop is useful for professionals to keep them up-to-date with the latest technologies, approaches, methods, and to always be in front of others. This page is about workshops conducted by LPIA in schools and companies in the past.


with SMA Negeri 21 Jakarta

February 2019
LPIA Utan Kayu conducted a workshop for teachers of SMA Negeri 21 on how to create inspiring classes for their students and also to maximize their creative teaching skills. Do you remember how boring your classes were? This is why such workshop was held.


with SD Negeri Cipinang Muara 19

February 2019
LPIA Buaran helped the elementary school teachers of SDN Cipinang Muara 19 to do their tasks of evaluating the performance of students. To do that, not only the speaking skills required, but also the computing skills in inputting so much data of all students.


with SMK Negeri 1 Karanganyar

December 2018
LPIA Solo helped SMK Negeri 1 Karanganyar vocational school students with a TOEIC® workshop, to have a try-out and be certified institutionally. Yes, it is better for vocational school students to know more about how to deal with the TOEIC® instead of the TOEFL®.


with Indonesian Army

November 2018
Who says generals of the armed forces do not need TOEFL®? Well, though TOEFL® is appropriately used for those continuing their studies, LPIA Dukuh Zamrud conducted a TOEFL workshop for some two and three-star Indonesian army generals on one weekend.


with SDN 01 Pagi Pondok Labu

September 2018
Many temporary teachers in Indonesia have no PNS (= government employee) status. If they do want to be a PNS, they must have a TOEFL® Prediction Test score. LPIA Taman Wisma Asri helped some of them at SDN 01 Pagi Pondok Labu to learn about TOEFL®.


with Indonesia Business Links

May 2018
LPIA Setu Bekasi held a three-day training of "Technical Skill Training" for employees of the Indonesia Business Links, a non-profit international organization. The event was fully supported by Citi Foundation, part of Citigroup Inc. (you know Citibank, don't you?)

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