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LPIA Website Design

some considerations

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There were some considerations when we first designed this LPIA Online site: the domain, the storage, the speed, the web technology, the validation tools, the graphics editors, and converters, the code writers, and other web creation tools needed.

The Domain

Not Dot COM, But Dot CO

We have used the domain LPIA.CO since September 2015, so it is going to be its 4th year this year. At the time we wanted to register the domain LPIA.COM, we were so unlucky as it has been used by one company. So, we decided to use the alternative dot CO.

The domain suffix dot CO, which is the acronym for COMPANY, is not much different than the domain suffix dot COM which is the acronym of COMMERCIAL. Both domains are used by many companies around the world to show their presence on the internet.

We registered the domain LPIA.CO at one of the best Indonesian webhosting company named PT. Master Web Network (MWN). It's been around since 1996 and it claims that it handles hundreds of thousands of clients. So far, we are quite satisfied with its services.

The Platform

Customized Website on Google

From the very beginning of the creation of this LPIA official website, we depend on the Google's Blogger to be the web platform. Why? Because Blogger, with its domain of blogspot.com is powered by Google servers which is everywhere all around the world.

As the domain LPIA.CO has been accepted by Google to use Google Apps for Education online platform with all of its priviledges (such as unlimited Google Drive space), we have the LPIA.CO domain connected as a custom domain for blog hosted on Blogger.

We do not use the standard template for LPIA website, instead, we have a customized Blogger template without loading the default scripts and stylesheets. It is to let the LPIA mobile-friendly website load faster without unnecessary stuff delaying its display.

The Content Delivery Network

For Faster Image Delivery

We have the images of LPIA official website stored on Cloudinary, a free cloud-based image management platform.

The free plan we use for LPIA image storage entitle us to use 10 GB Cloudinary space with a monthly bandwidth of 20 GB and 20,000 image transformations. We think it is enough to handle LPIA website requests of people wanting to know more about the LPIA.

The Image Processors

Adobe Photoshop CS6
We do not use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2018 (CC 2018), but the Creative Suite 6 (CS6) to edit all LPIA website JPEG images before converting them to WebP format. It is enough to edit and process the simple images of LPIA website.

WebP Image Converter
To convert the images of LPIA website from JPEG to WebP format for faster delivery, we use Romeolight's Webpconv program. Once the images have been converted, we upload them to LPIA Online's account of Cloudinary cloud image and video management.

TinyJPG Image Compressor
We use one of the best free JPEG and PNG online compressor to compress LPIA website images: TinyJPG. The free online version can compress up to 20 JPEG and PNG images at one time with each image has a max size of 5 MB. TinyJPG does not process GIF images.

The Website Speed Tester

Google PageSpeed Insights
The Google PageSpeed Insights is the online tool we always use to measure the speed performance of the official website of LPIA. Most pages on LPIA website perform very well with a perfect speed score of 100 based on the data analyzed by Google's Lighthouse.

GTmetrix Website Checker
We also use the online site checker GTmetrix to analyze the speed performance of LPIA website. Unlike Google PageSpeed Insights, the GTmetrix has two measurement scores: Google PageSpeed & Yahoo! YSlow scores. It also has historical view of website over time.

The Online Validators

Nu HTML Checker
In the beginning of our creation of this LPIA website, the World Wide Web Consortium's online tool was used to check the validation of the Hypertext Markup Language syntax: Nu HTML Checker. LPIA website was made to conform to the good standard of HTML.

W3C CSS Validator
Another W3C's online tool we use to analyze the Cascading Style Sheet syntax errors of LPIA website is W3C CSS Validator. We use this online tool as a good practice to always make the LPIA Online website fully conform to the good, common web standard of CSS3.

The Offline Code Editor

We do not use visual web editor in creating the LPIA Online website. Instead, we rely on Notepad++ to edit the source code of HTML, CSS, and the scripts. Its syntax highlighting, syntax folding, macro recording & playback capabilities help us work comfortably.

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