LPIA Website Conformance

LPIA Website Conforms

to the internet web standards

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The LPIA Online website was created to fully conform to the internet standard and World Wide Web. It surpasses the standards of HTML5 & CSS3 for its content and presentation on the screens, and some internal Javascripts for its dynamic content.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

The recommended browsers.

Google Chrome is the default browser we use in creating the LPIA website as it has the highest compatibility in applying the HTML5 and CSS3. The Chrome's Developer Tool is always used to refine the design. Make sure you use the latest version of Google Chrome.

We also use Mozila Firefox as an alternative open source internet browser to check if the LPIA website can also be rendered well. The Firefox, starting version 65, is now able to render WebP images just like the Chrome. Here is the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

HyperText Markup Language 5

Checked using Nu HTML Checker.

The Nu HTML Checker did not find any errors on LPIA Online website for its Hypertext Markup Language syntax. It is part of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), an international community dedicated to develop good world wide web standards.

The LPIA Online website designer made the link at the footer of each page to check the HTML validity of its homepage only. You can check its HTML validation yourself.

Cascading Style Sheet 3

Checked using W3C CSS Validator.

The W3C CSS Validation Service did not find any Cascading Style Sheet syntax errors on LPIA Online website. It is a World Wide Web Consortium's online service to help website designers check and use the standard of the internet web styling sheet language.

All pages of the LPIA Online website use an internal style sheet in the head section of each page conforming to the CSS3 standard. Go check its validation!

Secured and Certified Website

Checked by McAfee SECURE.

The McAfee SECURE did not find any malware or malicious links on LPIA Online website. It also confirms that the website has a valid Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate with no phising detected. Hence, it is marked as a certified website by McAfee SECURE.

Website designers consider the certification is important to let their online visitors feel safe while browing the websites. You can check LPIA website on McAfee SECURE.

Grade "A" Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Checked by Qualys SSL Labs.

Qualys SSL Labs checked and found the Security Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate of LPIA Online website valid with correct configuration until next year. It gave Grade A to its certificate and detected it was issued by COMODO Domain Validation Server.

LPIA Online relies fully on Cloudflare for its SSL, Content Delivery Network (CDN), and DNS (Domain Name System) management services. Check it out on Qualys SSL Labs.

A Perfect PageSpeed Score of 100!

Checked by Google PageSpeed Insights.

LPIA Online website has been tested and analyzed for the web performance of its content using Google Developers PageSpeed Insights. It has a perfect score of 100 for mobile and desktop devices. Check again the LPIA website speed on PageSpeed Insights.

The website uses minimum, internal style sheet and scripts and compact template to achieve such a perfect PageSpeed score.

A Confirmed Speedy Web Performance

Checked by GTMetrix.

Besides PageSpeed Insights, another online tool, GTMetrix, is also used to check the web performance of LPIA Online. The GTMetrix online tool combines both PageSpeed Insights and Yahoo YSlow that give a score of 100, a perfect web performance score.

GTMetrix detected a less than perfect Minify-HTML score of 99 of the LPIA website. Go retest the speed of LPIA Online on GTMetrix.

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