LPIA Programs

LPIA Programs

for children, teenagers, and adults

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LPIA has varieties of computer, English, and school tutoring programs for kids, teenagers, and adults. They can be general or specific depending on the needs of the clients. Some programs may take up to 24 sessions to finish, others may be less.

General English

LPIA English programs are designed to help the students learn more on oral communication where vocabularies and pronunciation rules over the grammar. The major portion of learning English in LPIA is English conversation using the grammatically-correct patterns of talking.

English for Pro

LPIA has many English for Specific Purposes (ESP) programs one can choose for career improvement. The ESP programs is intended for employees, nurses, engineers, and other professionals who want to improve the English skills. Learn more about LPIA English for Professionals.

Computers for Pro

Indonesian College students, employees, and other Indonesian professionals take LPIA Computer programs to help their works be done faster. LPIA has computer classes for professionals such as design graphics, web programming, excel for accounting, and many others.

School Tutoring

LPIA's sister company, Bimbel GAMA-UI, has helped many students be ready to deal with the national examination ("Ujian Nasional"). Its "Brilliant Solutions" teaching methodology has proven to be very effective. Learn more about the school tutoring in GAMA-UI website.

LPIA Certification

LPIA has well-known TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS prediction tests which are very well accepted by many government ministries and companies. One who takes the tests in LPIA may get the result and the certificate within just one day. Learn more about LPIA Certification.

LPIA Workshops

From time to time, LPIA holds computer or English workshops in campus, schools, or companies. Most are related with proficiency development in using computers and the English language. The workshops may take one, two, or three days. Read more about the LPIA Workshops.

LPIA Outing

Going out, showing off that students can speak English well is a regular LPIA Outing program in many LPIA branches around the nation. Once in a while, class teachers accompany students to go out to public places and practice speaking in English with native speakers they meet.

Other Programs

LPIA has many other regular programs that take place every two weeks, every month, every quarter of the year, and every year. This includes company events, internal trainings, monthly meetings, quarter-of-year meetings (RAPIM), yearly meetings (RAKER), and the company picnics.

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