LPIA Outing Programs

LPIA Outing Programs

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Learning could take place anywhere and anytime, while studying should be with books and at schools. LPIA academia encourages all students to learn (not study) computers and English to live this life. Hence, we take students out of the classes to learn.


to Kentucky Fried Chicken

February 2019
SMAN 1 teachers who are learning English conversation at LPIA Utan Kayu went outside the classroom to a local KFC restaurant to practice English in a public place. This really boosts the confidence in using English. They loved it so much that they asked for more.


to Trans Studio Bandung

February 2019
LPIA Setu Bekasi took half of its students 137 kilometers away from their hometown, to Trans Studio Bandung. Though most of them just enjoyed the rides, their English teachers assign English tasks which must be finished by the time they went back home to Bekasi.


to TimeZone Cibubur Junction

January 2019
LPIA Ciracas recently held a charity event of their outing programs in Timezone Cibubur Junction. The branch invited the children of a local orphanage to join a drawing and story telling competition. They drew pictures, while LPIA students tried to tell a story about them.


to Ocean Dream Samudra

November 2018
LPIA Cileungsi teachers & students recently went to aquatic-themed park of Ocean Dream Samudra featuring fish tanks, an underwater theater, and performing sea-animal shows. There is no such fun learning compared to learning and talking about the sea creatures!


to Pizza Hut Cilandak

June 2018
Students of LPIA Cilandak experienced quite unique learning from a Pizza Hut place. They all learned the process of making and selling pizzas from the real experts who explained everything in English. The students had to take notes about the pizza-making process.


to Cimory Ungaran, Central Java

May 2018
LPIA Pekalongan found a good place for their students to learn all about the dairy products: Cimory Ungaran or Cimory On The Valley. The place is located in the vicinity of Semarang. What could be more fun than to know the process of making ice-cream while licking it?

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