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We Are For A Better Future, that's the motto of LPIA. All LPIA employees work to serve the students, so that they will have their better future. Of course working all the time is no fun! LPIA provides times where everyone can really enjoy life.


in LPIA Head Office, East Jakarta

March 12, 2019   Photo Album
The LPIA RAPIM-I 2019 for Work Review of January and February 2019 was held in LPIA Head Office, Klender, East Jakarta. Three managers could not attend the meeting as their relatives are still hospitalized. We had the prayers for them early in the meeting.


at LPIA Solo, Central Java

March 10, 2019
LPIA Solo, in cooperation with FPLKP, Forum Pengelola Lembaga Kursus dan Pelatihan and the Indonesian Red Cross Surakarta, held a blood donation event on March 10, 2019, in the premises of LPIA Solo. LPIA concerns of Indonesia's limited blood stock and donors.


to Malang, East Java

February 19-22, 2019   Photo Album
The LPIA Yearly Picnic of 2019 took place in Malang, East Java. The final destination there was Jawa Timur Park, plus the beach called Balekambang. Though it was a tiring trip (we travelled back and forth using the trains and buses), everyone seemed to enjoy the picnic.


in SMA Jaka Sampurna, Bekasi

February, 2019
As part of an educative campaign of healthy living, the LPIA Division of Marketing held an educational seminar of "Mencegah Itu Lebih Baik" (Prevention is Better than Cure) related with the HIV/AIDS. The successful talk show was held in SMA Jaka Sampurna in Bekasi.


in LPIA Head Office, East Jakarta

January, 2019   Photo Album
The LPIA Yearly Meeting RAKER-XX 2019 for Work Review of 2018 was held in LPIA Head Office, Klender, East Jakarta. As usual, it was a tiring, whole-day meeting and presentations of all LPIA branch managers from all around Indonesia. However, the lunch was awesome!


in Jungleland, West Java

October, 2018
LPIA's sister company: Gama-UI, held a big event of Mathematics Olympics for more than a thousand Indonesian students a few months ago in Jungleland, West Java. It was another big event that often held by LPIA Group: LPIA and Gama UI from time to time.


in LPIA Head Office, East Jakarta

June, 2018
As always conducted in Ramadhan month of every year, in June 2018, the LPIA head office held a gathering to have an "Iftar", to break the fasting, for all LPIA employees. We really had some quality time with good old friends who previously worked in LPIA for years.


in Bandung, West Java

March, 2018
The LPIA Yearly Meeting RAKER-XIX 2018 for Work Review of 2017 was held in the city of Bandung, West Java. After hours of travelling, we attended the RAKER which was begun in the afternoon, non-stop until midnight. It sure was tiring, but the next-day picnic was great!

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