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Got a stressful day at work? Take a break! Relax! Play some games on your mobile phone. Taking a break and playing games can make you focus on something other than work. It can also make you feel recharged. A science news by ScienceDaily reported that.

On this page, you will find 20 online HTML 5 games you can play. Most of the games are puzzle games to make you think. The games are provided for free by and have been hand-picked by us to run smoothly even on the old Kitkat-based Android phones.


1000 Blocks

You place different shapes on the grid and clear all stone blocks to complete the levels. Position the shapes to build horizontal or vertical lines. Only full lines are removed from the field. You can use the lucky wheel once per level in case you do not have any moves left.


Baboo Puzzle

You must drag block pieces onto the fields to make vertical lines or horizontal ones. Only full lines will disappear from the field. Do not fill up the screen or the game will be over! Try to get double rainbows for extra points and earn as many points as you can!


Blackjack Bet

Experience the popular casino classic without any risks and collect as much cash as you can. To win, you have to place a bet and reach a score of 21 or your score is higher than the dealer's without exceeding 21. Don't worry about gambling for high stakes, you won't run out of cash here!


Bunny Quest

In this puzzle game, you have to slide tiles and form a path with only a few moves. Make sure to collect all carrots on your way and complete all 80 increasingly difficult levels! In case you are stuck, use one of the hints available. Can you earn all golden carrots and finish the game?


Connect Me Factory

You may find Connect Me Factory as a cute and challenging puzzle game. The goal of the game is to connect all blocks with each other. This game has 60 levels for you to try by rotating and moving the little blocks around until they all fit and stick together perfectly.


Dominoes Classic

Play the classic board game of Dominoes! Choose between three game versions: Draw Dominoes, Block Dominoes and All Fives. Select a difficulty level and play by matching the same number of spots at the end of tiles and get rid of all the tiles you hold before your opponent.


Feed Animals

How to Feed Animals is one of the newest puzzle games of Go ahead, play through all the 40 levels of How to Feed Animals game. Combine the funny, cute animals in the game and feed them to pass each level. You may need to think a liitle to win all levels.


Glow Lines

Do you like tricky puzzle games? This Glow Lines may be the perfect game for you! Your task in this game is to connect matching colors. Pair all colors and cover the entire board. Only with logical thinking you will be able to solve each level and master the Glow Lines the game!


Gold Rush

This fun Match3 game is about you trying to mine underground for gold and treasures. Tap on groups of 3 or more blocks of the same color to remove them from the field and try to get as many points as possible. Be quick and watch out: You will loose immediately if the blocks touch the top of the screen.


Jungle Roller

Rotate the maze in this challenging puzzle game and guide the ball to the correct spots. Trigger various mechanisms to open gates and play smart to avoid dangerous traps. Try to be as quick as possible to earn all 3 stars. Let's see if you can complete all levels in this game!


Kiba and Kumba

This is the newest's Kiba and Kumba game. 30 challenging puzzle levels are waiting for you. Solve every puzzle as soon as possible to pass every level. Can you master all of the puzzles in this game and reach the last level with the most single pieces?


Let Me Grow

This game lets you become a virtual gardener! Make the flowers bloom again by leading the watter supply in their direction. Move the dams so the water flows towards them, but be careful with the garden gnomes. Try different taps to lead the water supply in the right direction.



Your task in this Maze puzzle game is simple: find the exit, escape the maze! Swipe to change directions and guide the dot through the labyrinth. Select one of three modes according to your liking: Classic Mode, Dark Mode, and Timed Mode where you have very limited time to finish.


Pin Cracker

In PIN Cracker, you have to figure out the correct combination of numbers within a very limited time. The light green means you have a correct number in a correct position, while the dark green means you have the correct number with a wrong position. Let's see how good you are!


Smarty Bubbles

Smarty Bubbles is one of the most popular bubble shooter games and the perfect casual game for all ages. Combine at least 3 bubbles of the same color and try to remove all bubbles from the field. Can you set a new high score before all bubbles fill in the whole screen?


Street Ball Star

Become a living street basketball legend! In this retro sports game your goal is to score as many points as you can in two challenging game modes. Focus the basket, pay attention to the wind and collect coins with every hoop. Earn gifts and items to unlock cool new locations.


Text Twist 2

Let's twist! Get ready for some word-finding fun in Text Twist 2! Look at the jumbled letters and find all the word combinations. You need at least one six-letter word to move on to the next round. Test your vocabulary skills and try to score as many points as possible!



The challenge in this game is to move the blocks, so the green one is free to follow the arrows into the gap. Only when the green block enters that gap the level is completed. This task gets more difficult with every level, but with logical thinking, you could master Woblox!


Word Bird

Find all the words in this fun word search puzzle game! Play a random game or select one of the 10 categories. Look at the word list and find the words vertically, horizontally or diagonally hidden in the grid. Use hint if you are stuck and try to be the first on the leaderboard!


Word Detector

Find the hidden words from scrambled letters in this challenging puzzle! This game is not only perfect to exercise your brain, but also helps improve your vocabulary and spelling skills. Simply connect the letters to a word and see if it shows up on the list. Be a master detector!

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