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Professionals need specific materials of English to learn within certain time limit. LPIA has the ESP (English for Specific Purposes) to fulfill those needs with flexible but carefully designed syllabus. Here is the list of some ESP programs LPIA has:

English for Continuing Studies

Workshops, Prediction Tests, Prep Classes:


English for Business

The programs:

  • General Business English, English for Marketing, English for Finance
  • Business Conversation, Business Writing, Reports and Correspondence
  • English for Business Meetings, English for Public Speaking and Presentations
  • English for CEOs, Managers, Secretaries, Administrative personnel

English for Careers

The programs:

  • English for Pharmacists and others in pharmaceutical industries
  • English for Job Seekers, English for Factory Supervisors and Workers
  • English for Midwives, English for Nurses, Doctors & Hospital personnel

English at Sea

The programs:

  • English for Logistics Personnel
  • English for Export Import Industries
  • English for Maritime Studies, English for Seamen, and Cruise Ship Crews

English for Operators

The programs:

  • English for Airline Crews, English for Aircraft Technicians
  • English for Automotive Industries, English for Auto Salesmen
  • English for Engineers, English for Electricians, English for IT Personnel

English for Certain Careers

The programs:

  • Learn Indonesian for Expatriates
  • English for Internationa Legal Affairs, English for Lawyers or Attorneys
  • English for Bilingual Teaching, English for Teachers and School Personnel

English for Other Professionals

The programs:

  • English for Tourism, English for Hotel Administratives and Other Personnel
  • English for Journalists, English for Printed Media Personnel
  • English for Police, Army, Navy, and Air Force Officers and Trainers

Duration of Each Level

2,160 minutes total learning

Each Level of 3 months:

  • Each month: 8 sessions.
  • Each week: 2 sessions.
  • Mon/Thu, Tue/Fri, or Wed/Sat.
  • Each session: 120 minutes.

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