5 Considerations in Choosing Android Learning Games

5 Considerations

in choosing android learning games

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These days, more schools and parents are demanding more innovations for children's education. The demands are answered well by many apps developers, either online or on mobile devices, to help the children gain more knowledge and skills.

Prominent computerized training websites such as Khan Academy and the BYJU'S The Learning App, that was later on taken over by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative of Facebook, are solid examples for the numerous benefits of computerized apps and online services.

The easy usage of a finger in using mobile apps, the paces being set to the keep up the deadline and the learning speed, and the online social interactions between the users, the reviewers, and the teachers all add to its numerous advantages and popularity.

Many educational institutions, foundations, and commercial companies work together to enhance the service quality and the apps to the max to satisfy the learning experience of the children. Majority of the mobile games, at the time of this writing, are all on Android.

Android is the major mobile operating system developed by Google with more than 2 billion monthly active users who are familiar with downloading and updating their mobile apps through Google Play Store which, as of December 2018, has 2.6 million mobile apps.

It has expanded even more, to be accessible on cell phones, tablets, wearable gadgets, tablets, and other devices. This gives more ways for developers, educational institutions, foundations, and commercial companies to reach people around the world in a program.

Experts have researched that there are 5 considerations on choosing Android learning games, especially the literacy games/apps.


The Colorful Ones and The Mixed Media

They attract the attention of children of any age. The older children, have a tendency of wanting to see cool pictures and animations to help them easily memorize and understand the ideas. Audio adds more effectiveness of the static pictures and the motion pictures.


Not Just A Bank of Questions

It should not be like tests with the A, B, C, D options to choose as answers. Choose an app that is displayed as a game, where the children can make scores or compete their online friends. With rewards and levels up, the whole learning session ends up entertaining.

The children may have a learning benefit of doing things step by step according to their mood, pace and capability. Educative games or programs will certainly empowers children to learn, by interacting with the app and other users, instead of passively watch the screen.


Using The Phone's Futures

The phone's features like the microphone and the camera can be educationally used to let the children enjoy more of their learning time. Teachers can assign the children learning domestic animals to record the voice of their pets and to take some pictures of them.

They may also record their own voice as a voice note, and take a screen capture once they finish a game and make a high score. This activity may lead the children to learn even more, about photography and voice or music production using simple built in apps.


Beware of The Online Stores

As many mobile applications are developed not only by educational institutions but also commercial companies, parents should be aware that the games may have features of buying things online, such as moving to the next levels or buying special game items.

On the other hand, the educative games may have features for the children to submit the exercise results and get certified for a fee. The publishers may also charge for a fee if the children want to practice more online exams or to play the next levels of the games.


What The Programs Can or Cannot Do

The games may be predefined to what they can or cannot do. Parents should help their children in finding the right games or apps. Some games may help the children's memory or their motoric skills, while some others may not. It is essential for the parents to know it.

So, pick and download games that is not just entertaining and fun, but also the ones that can help children have a great time playing and learning things. In the end, parents do not have to worry about Android games that brings negative effects on their children.

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