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bum·fuz·zles, bum·fuz·zled, bum·fuz·zling

Mostly used in south midland and southern US, the word means to confuse, fluster, perplex, or to cause confusion. So, "when things just don't make sense", you can use this bumfuzzle word.

The word bumfuzzle, which was first found in 1900, was probably influenced by the prefix bum- of bamboozle and the word fuzzle, a blend of fuddle and fuzzy. It's also probably the result of an alteration of English dialect dumfoozle of an English word dumfound.


"The American people must be totally bumfuzzled; we keep announcing surpluses and we keep having budget fights" (Bill Clinton).

"Some statements he gave in his recent campaign speech really made all his supporters bumfuzzled!"

"I thought mathematics was hard, but physics totally bumfuzzled me!"


Bumfuzzle Video

A video clip of bumfuzzle word and some more samples of sentences was made by VocabularyVideos.com and was uploaded to Youtube.com. Go ahead! Learn the sentences using the word bumfuzzle in this video. Just pause the video to read them carefully.

Bumfuzzle Blog

There is a bumfuzzle.com blog, belongs to Patrick Schulte, who travelled around the globe on a catamaran sailing boat with his wife and children. He also named the boat Bumfuzzle. The Bumfuzzle blog is also linked to his other website: Wanderer Financial.

Bumfuzzle Book

There is also a printed version of the above website written by Pat himself. Entitled "Just Out Looking for Pirates" - A Sail Around The World, the book was published by in 2008 by Book Bums Publishing. The 268-page book tells his trip of sailing around the globe.

Bumfuzzle Music

This bumfuzzle music goes to your ears as this digital album, with a genre of indie rock, was created by a Singaporean musician, iNCH. People can stream and download from BandCamp.com. Inch Chua Yun Juan's album of Bumfuzzle was released in 2013.

Bumfuzzle Poems

A collection of 48 bittersweet poems of love, loss, and lamb Bhuna (?) was authored by Keith Wilson. The 96-page book, published by Wordscapes Ltd. in 2013, will make you think, and surprise you as there are poems with rhyme, rhythm and the odd rude bit.

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